Sunday, October 20, 2013

China Expedition 2013

Welcome (Welcome back?) to my blog!

It’s been over three years since I last wrote anything in this blog….I guess I just don’t feel my day-to-day life is that exciting! (Work-run-sleep-work-run-sleep…) This morning, though, I am at the airport to kick off what I expect – and hope – will be another exciting adventure: I am on my way to China! Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. (The latter, for those who don’t know, is where the terracotta warriors come from. I didn’t know this either until I looked it up.)

If you’re expecting another odyssey premised on running…be prepared to be disappointed. This is my first non-sports-related trip in……..I don’t know how long! (Maybe I shouldn’t emphasize this too much…I’m really not that two-dimensional….I don’t think…) Anyway, I’ve read that the air quality in Beijing is like breathing from the tailpipe of a car, and I don’t expect Shanghai will be much better. I’ve also heard that drivers are less…..conservative….in major Chinese cities than I might be accustomed to, so running on the roads is out of the question. I’m not sure how much running I’ll be doing, but what I do will likely be relegated to hotel treadmills.

Finally, let’s set expectations with this blog. I think I am occasionally entertaining in my writing, and I find this ever so much easier than writing endless emails. However, I make NO promises! If I don’t update it, I might just be too busy having fun! Or….let’s hope that at least I left things in good order at work! ;) 

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