Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 4: Waiting for an Execution

It really isn’t that bad…but I can’t say I enjoy this whole day-before-a-race thing.  I’m trying to keep it a low-key day, and I’m nervous that I didn’t train enough this past winter, and I’m nervous because I’ve never raced a marathon in my Skechers Go Mebs (they’ve been fantastic for a couple of half-marathons, so I have reason to think they’ll continue to be stellar), and I’m generally nervous about everything right now.

On any normal day while in another country, I’d be embarrassed to admit that I’ve spent pretty much the whole day in my hotel room  - listening to Humble and Fred podcasts, watching some videos on YouTube, Skyping, blogging (I have had no urge to check work emails…sorry OntarioMD).  Outside of a brief run this morning, my short venture outside today was to go to the grocery store for routine and boring food that will go down easy, and a return to the race expo.  Paul wasn’t working at the compression sock booth today, and I didn’t manage to find anyone else to chat with for an hour.  Probably a good thing, as my heart-rate was elevated just from the walk there:

I trust that the barriers won't be in the way tomorrow ...

Although Paul wasn’t out, I did get a less overt example of Dutch kindness today; admittedly, not so out of the ordinary anywhere else.  As I ran alongside the bike lane, I noticed a cyclist slowed and kept pace with me for around 30 seconds.  I glanced over and he said something to me in Dutch.  I relied on my usual “smile and nod”, at which point he started saying something else (or maybe the same thing again…I really don’t have a clue).  I smiled apologetically and told him I don’t speak Dutch.  He responded in English: “Good luck tomorrow.  You look very smooth.”

Ok, I lied.  He actually told me I look “supple”, but I’m attributing that a point in translation.  

Otherwise….it’s one thing for a random guy I’ve known for 10 minutes to invite me to hang out with him at his place in another city next week.  It’s something else altogether for a random guy on the street to say I look supple.  THAT is just WEIRD!

Here I am, back in my hotel, getting ready to stretch before an early night. Tomorrow night I’m staying at the five-star Hilton, brought into my price-range by Hotwire. :)  It’ll either be a celebration or a consolation.  I wonder how many marathons it takes to eliminate the post-marathon let-down.  I haven’t even raced yet but I think I can feel it coming. (Um...that little jaunt throughout Europe may take the sting off of it...) It takes so much time to prepare for one of these, and the reward is hours of discomfort and a Gatorade-stained singlet! Then again, they punctuate the racing season so well! Oh, my love-hate relationship with marathoning!

Then again, maybe I just shouldn’t spend so much time alone in my hotel room! :P

Good night.

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