Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 16: A Touch of Class

Mindy's flight home this morning was at 10am, so I saw her off to the airport shuttle at the hotel (a large part of why we stayed at the NH Hotel Niederrad the last couple of nights), and then I went back to bed.  I suppose I should have made better use of my final day in Frankfurt, but with no Mindy here to pay my way, I spent a lazy morning in the hotel room.  When I lost the room at noon, I had the option to either continue to hang out in the hotel lobby, or proceed to the airport early.  While a hotel room can be a comfortable place to relax and get some work done, a hotel lobby doesn't really compete with the Maple Leaf Lounge for Business Class customers on Air Canada.  Thanks again Mindy and SQM for setting me up with this upgrade! Though I have been in Germany for the week, the Maple Leaf Lounge is the first place I am enjoying apple strudel, so quintessentially German.

A pleasantly uneventful flight home - with the continued perks of Business Class - and I landed in Toronto at 7pm this evening.  According to the clock, that is a mere two hours after I took off in Germany.  No matter how often I travel, the effects of time travel never cease to amuse me!

Tonight, we are spending our last night in a hotel near Pearson Airport, for the convenience of our separate arrival times. Tomorrow we are back to home and routine. I am rather looking forward to it after two weeks away.  Time to start running again, too.

Another amazing trip!

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