Sunday, May 8, 2016


No, one glass of wine doesn't give me a hangover. "Hammered" refers to the feeling in my legs as I woke up this morning. Wow! Trails are normally gentle and refreshing for the legs, but so much of the trails around here are hard rock. Happily enough, we had no plans for a morning run today - we decided to try suspended yoga, instead.

Mindy went for a massage while I explored the rest of this fabulous spa and fitness facility!

Suitably refreshed (heavy-weight squats helped my legs feel normal again), we departed the spa and wandered the beautiful resort grounds before once again tackling a desert mountain run. This time, Mindy and I parted ways early, and I attempted another climb.

I don't know whether the pitch was much steeper than yesterday, or if my legs were just fried - I was reduced to walking depressingly quickly! With nothing but the occasional lizard to keep me company, I was thinking about the hotel warning us of bobcats in the desert. Apparently one was on the hotel golf course this morning. I couldn't help but wonder if one was on that rocky outcropping ahead....

My legs were fried and my heart was pounding. If the Canadian Death Race is like this, I will never finish in 24 hours!

Finally, I reached the summit and enjoyed the view (and caught my breath).

As I made my way back down the trail - hardly any faster than as I stumbled up - I had a comforting thought: "If the Canadian Death Race were this tough, they wouldn't have hundreds of finishers every year. I am pretty fit. It HAS to be easier."

This time, Mindy didn't make me run home, and so I felt less exhausted as we got back to the hotel. We decided to try the South American & Asian fusion restaurant at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess for dinner. It was good, though it didn't really compare to the fine dining the night before. Another exhausting day, and a pleasantly sore body as I crawled into bed that night.

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