Sunday, July 31, 2016


I ran 125km yesterday.  That seems impossible when I can barely walk today!

We got up in time to see the final few runners cross the line before the 24-hour limit to the Canadian Death Race. The third-last looked depleted and vacant, barely acknowledging encouragement as he ran through cheers, and he was immediately helped into a car and driven away by a supportive family when he finished. In contrast, the last two looked surprisingly fresh. Perhaps they had taken time to rest along the way?

Mindy and I went for a recovery breakfast at a local fast food restaurant with my parents. As we stood in line, someone walked up and showed me a photo of me on his cell phone - taken during the race.  "Is this you?" We briefly became celebrities in the restaurant as they and others congratulated both of us on our victories and engagement. I shudder to think that the example we provided was a veggie burger and onion rings for breakfast!

We wore through the day, splitting our time between naps and looking through photos. I was brought up to speed on the dynamics of the other runners in the event, the marathon race, and the antics of certain team members and support crew - not mine - who spent their time drinking as their runners completed their legs. 

Mindy and I began to receive a ton of supportive emails and Facebook / Instagram comments from friends (largely hers...being her social media accounts). In addition to her friends, though, were shout outs from our sponsors and Canadian Running Magazine (  We didn't even have to prompt them!

Eventually, we went to what may be the best restaurant in Grande Cache - The Ridge. Once we ordered, our server looked at Mindy and me and said: "I understand this has been an eventful week-end for the two of you.  Congratulations on your wins and engagement!  The Ridge would like to buy you two dinner to celebrate." Nice! I could get used to this celebrity status if it lasted.  I wonder what a house in Grande Cache costs...?

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  1. JL and I add our congratulations to two wonderful "kids". Congrats on races won and also on your engagement. "Well done" doesn't begin to express our admiration.