Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 3: I've got Meb's number!

Ok, that's not actually true.  Mindy has Meb's number. His phone number.  I'm not claiming that I can beat Meb.  Nice thought, ain't gonna happen! (I'm in Texas.  I'm fixin' myself up right to speak like a Texan.)

Meb programmed his phone number into Mindy's phone so that she could text of him with the international athletes at the Skechers Pre-race party. Nonetheless, BOSTON AND NYC MARATHONS WINNER MEB KEFLEZIGHI PROGRAMMED HIS NUMBER INTO MINDY'S PHONE!!

Skechers throws one heck of a party!

Of course, Skechers demonstrated yet again how well they treat their athletes here:

I was tired as it was getting "late" (around 6pm), so we headed across the street to the Hilton for the Elites' pre-race dinner, and then back to the hotel for a very low-key end to the evening - legs up, blogging, perhaps a bit of TV.  I haven't really done much today.  Woke up this morning and watched the Houston 5km from my hotel window.  A Skechers athlete took top honours in the men's field.  Woot! A bit of wandering about Houston, a nap, and then off to the Skechers party atop The Grove, a restaurant nestled right in the Discovery Green.

Tomorrow is the big day.

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