Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Three Cs: Cheese, Chocolate, and Cruise Control (Ok, maybe four Cs)

My morning run through the Plains of Abraham was sluggish and slow, so I didn't tackle the Cap-Blanc stairs today.  It was enough to get out the door and move my body - feeling the effects of the Run for the Toad on Saturday. I did join in with dozens of runners circling the crushed cinder track by the Musee des Beaux Arts on the Plains of Abraham. (Like many of those runners, I was moving rather slowly...)

Once checked out of our hotel, we began the long drive home. Cruise control was key, again, though I was passenger this time around.  Being passenger, I was "forced" to go along with the whims of the driver, Mindy, when she decided to stop at a chocolaterie in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. The beautiful mountain view was reason enough to get off the highway for a moment, and then we found La Cabosse d'Or chocolate shop.  Divine treats!

Stocked up on chocolate, we stopped by an apple orchard for some freshly-picked Quebec apples, and lunched at Nestor Picore Gourmandises.  It was somewhat startling to see the difference in price for two soups and sandwiches at Nestor Picore, as compared to Chateau Frontenac.  I'm inclined to think those at Nestor Picore may have been a bit better...though the view and decor didn't exactly measure up.

As a final hurrah in Quebec, I bought cheese curds from a corner store. It doesn't seem to matter whether the store is classy, or just a gas station shop, the curds in Quebec are delicious, and available everywhere.

Back on the road, we were on the way home.  Tempted to stop in at Gananoque for dinner at Riva, or a night at the Beaver Hall, we instead survived on Tim Horton's, cheese curds and apples until we got home. Another trip drawn to conclusion.

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