Monday, October 5, 2015

Things that make you want to run!

We're in Quebec City, so I want to enjoy what I can of this beautiful tribute to Canada's history.  I also have to work today, so my opportunities to get out and see the city are somewhat circumscribed.  Waking up early was no easy feat after the tiring week-end, but I wanted to get up and see the sights of the Plains of Abraham and Battlefields Park - on a run.  One of the perks of getting up early? The Chateau Frontenac terrace is wide open!

Postcard-perfect photo! (Except my expression is don't zoom in.)

Of course, the only access to the Plains of Abraham heading that way along the terrace involves climbing several flights of stairs, and Mindy was on a we turned around and headed the other way.

I had lost Mindy as company by the time I found the Cap-Blanc Stairway, so I have no proof that I ran down and up.  Here's the best I can offer you as proof: it's 395 stairs, each direction.  I counted it twice...

Back at the hotel in time to buckle down to a day of work; I alternated between the room itself and the lobby Starbucks, which was surprisingly conducive to working notwithstanding the patrons coming in and out.  (Oh Starbucks!  The new office for contractors and workers everywhere!)

It was an uneventful work day, but not an uneventful day.  The purpose of being here is to partake in everything that Chateau Frontenac has to offer, so we started our evening with a delicious sampling of cheese and fruit in the Frontenac's 1608 Bar.  Lucky for me, Mindy isn't a fan of mature cheeses, so I got a disproportionate amount for myself!

With only an hour or so after this snack until our dinner reservation, we took advantage of the hotel gym to try to generate an appetite. I had already run, and free weights were right there - time for my second workout in months! Remembering my experience a few weeks ago (my first workout in months) when I did a really aggressive workout of push-ups and weights, and then felt sore for the next week, I took things easy.  A little bit for every muscle group in the body.  I don't know how may trainers would recommend that approach, but it worked for me.

As hunger returned, we ventured to the Champlain Restaurant for a proper dinner. Amazing! I even broke vegetarianism for the salmon amuse-bouche, and the Sea Bass fish of the day. (Funnily enough, I genuinely preferred Mindy's vegetarian main course, but the fish was exquisite.) A glass of french wine and tender warm bread, and I didn't even look at the dessert menu. (I am racing a marathon in a couple of weeks.  Best if I not gain too much weight here!) Besides, the sorbet between courses satisfied that craving for sweet.

Here we are walking through the most artistic "wine cellar" I have ever seen:

Off to the room to try to catch up on some more sleep. 

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