Monday, February 20, 2017

A newsworthy departure for our honeymoon

"Good morning wife. I love you.”

So read the text I sent to Mindy as she slept in bed beside me at the start of the day.

Last night was the most incredible night, and Mindy and I didn’t want it to end. Unfortunately, when you extend the evening to the not-so-wee hours of the next morning, it’s a sleepy start to the day! When I could no longer lie in be pretending I might fall back to sleep, I reached for my phone and began texting and emailing people. Those who had left the wedding the night before without me having the chance to say goodnight, and those who had stayed to the very end. (Who had probably gone to sleep at a more reasonable hour nonetheless; they weren’t trying to extend their weddings!)

The plans for a 10:30 breakfast had been made the night before – before we knew of our 4am bed-time. This was our last chance to see many of the people who had traveled long distances to celebrate with us, so we wiped sleep from our eyes and make-up from our faces (the latter was only in Mindy’s case). I took a first load of gifts and to the car and met my parents in the parking lot with our European guests Paul and Stella in tow. In the light of day, I showed off the sparkle of my new ring. 

“I’m MARRIED!”, I exclaimed.

While we waited for our food, Mindy and I circulated among our guests from the night before, scattered throughout the restaurant. I focused my time on a couple of tables with some of my longest-lasting friends and family, soaking in the dying moments where it still felt like my wedding. I settled in with my parents, Paul and Stella for breakfast while Mindy enjoyed the company of her closest family. Too soon, time carried on and it was time for us to pack up.

Mindy and I had the incredible fortune to have the story of our proposal picked up by local and regional news outlets back in the summer. While our wedding didn’t make the news, I managed to get some screen time on CP24 at the airport:

While waiting for our flight, the texts began coming in from people who saw this 3 seconds of fame!

Our honeymoon will take us to Peru, Uruguay and Chile. While these are safe destinations for the most part, Mindy was counseled against wearing her diamonds – just in case. For my part, I substituted my beautifully engraved gold ring for the stainless steel “sport ring” that was a gift with purchase. I can’t help but wonder if people will think I am traveling with my mistress.

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