Tuesday, February 28, 2017

La Serena

We enjoyed our last breakfast at Quiral Boutique Hotel this morning, then began the six-hour bus journey to La Serena, far north of Santiago.

(We looked a little less enthused five and a half hours later - still on the bus.)

Chile is a thin country, and so much of the drive was either through desert mountains or along the stunning coastline. It was pretty easy to while away the hours heading north.


Uruguay has achieved a 95% reliance on renewable energy, and it appears that Chile is taking note.

The Mapuche people - some of the original inhabitants of what was eventually Chile - had a tradition where the men would paint themselves like spirits in dark and white stripes, naked, and then wake the women up in the middle of the night to scare them. (I would be scared, too, if the neighbourhood guys woke me up in the middle of the night and danced around me naked!) Graffiti meant to recall the Mapuche traditions is fairly common outside of the downtown Santiago neighbourhoods where we've been staying.

Always on the lookout for dogs wanting attention, Mindy found a friend on the walk from the bus station to our La Serena hotel!

Shaking the bus ride out of our legs, we went for a run with purpose - to the Ecoturismo office (top ranked tours in La Serena according to Trip Advisor) and to check out a local market where I tried a traditional bread snack. We were probably already odd-looking clients in our running gear.

As we were booking the tours, I couldn't help but confirm - repeatedly - "This is an English tour, right?" 

Our run concluded just before the stunning sunsets that are a highlight of every clear day in La Serena.

At dinner, Mindy shared her meal with one of the local strays.


  1. A friend of mine visited Chili some years ago and on that bus ride up the coast got stuck in a snow storm - Happily you didn't. LOVE your pictures and blog :)

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