Saturday, March 4, 2017

Drunk Driving (on a bike)

Back in Santiago the first time, we had tried to take a bike through the old Cousino Macul vineyard - an active vineyard right in Santiago, surrounded by the sprawling city. As that didn't work out (somehow we ended up on a Portuguese tour instead), we were eager to sign up for this tour of biking and drinking wine!

We arrived at the Cousino Macul vineyard and found a row of green bicycles lined up, each with a basket holding a wine glass and bottle of water.

We rode into the vineyard with our tour guide and another couple who were there for the tour, stopping periodically to enjoy the scenery, learn about the grapes and the wine, and sample!

With a few tasters in us and the vineyards well explored, we retreated to the bodegas ("buildings") where the wine-making magic happens. The naturally cool and dark rooms have thick timber doors and high roofs to maintain a constant temperature and encourage fermentation.

(At least, that's how they used to do it. Now they use temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, but those pictures just aren't that romantic.)

The cellars below the tank rooms house the wine in casks.

At the far end of the cellars, behind lock and key, sits the private collection of the Cousino family. Caked in dust, some of the rarest and most expensive wine in the world spoils there every year due to not being consumed. What a travesty!

Once done at the wine cellars, we took a table in the Cousino Macul courtyard for the final tastings. In honour of our honeymoon, our guide brought out the premium wines offered by Cousino Macul! Before we left, we made sure to stock up on more Cousino Macul wine to remember this day back home in Ajax.

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