Sunday, March 5, 2017

Not Another Tour (please)

I was really angling for a tour into the mountains today. Maybe horseback riding and checking out some of the traditional "cowboys" who live in the rugged Andes. Maybe hiking in to check out some natural hot springs! Instead, Mindy suggested the most logical option. "Why don't we just enjoy our last day in Santiago? Sleep in, walk around the markets, eat at a nice place for dinner?"

Um...yeah. That made a lot of sense!

We ran back up San Cristobal hill (this time, without company) and then wandered through the streets of Santiago.

In the Bellavista neighbourhood, we saw some of the most impressive panhandling I have ever seen! Even I gave them some money.

Being our last day in Santiago, I went for the traditional Chilean drink/snack - sweet peach juice with wheat berries, corn and an apricot.

It was interesting.

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