Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 1 Update - just a little behind the times...

Ok, so as the ladies are writing post-cards, I'm taking the lazier way to reach out to a bunch of you while we wait for our cabbie / tour guide, Amier.

Day 1 - we got to Pearson airport uneventfully.  Shaun and I got out of her parents' car, and saw that - what luck! - Mike and Holly were pulling in with Jess right behind.  We were almost to their car when we realised that it didn't actually look anything like a Tucson...Happily, Jess did find us inside, and the adventure began.

After passing through security and such, I sat down with Shaun's laptop to entertain myself.  Plugged it in and....nothing.  What?!?  What happened from Shaun's house to the airport to kill the laptop?  Do we buy a new one at the airport? Do we continue to carry around this heavy, useless computer now for the rest of the trip to see if it can be fixed back in Toronto?  Do we find a new outlet that works?  Turns out the third idea was the best.  You would assume that all airport outlets work, but apparently not.

So we get on the plane, get settled, and start watching movies.  All three of us were trying to adjust the volume for our respective movies, when the flight attendant kindly asked if she could help and whether someone was having a cardiac arrest.  Apparently, what we thought was the volume, was actually the call bell.  We had each called it a dozen or so times..... Crisis #2 averted. :)

Oh yeah...I didn't notice this thanks to the luxury of modern pharmaceuticals, but apparently there was an issue with crying children on the flight.  Shaun and Jess were bothered by it.  I slept like a baby...who wasn't crying.

And so we headed out on the first leg of the journey - a day in London, England!

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