Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 5 Update: MONKEYS!!

What is that on the wall over there?  Is that some wire hanging out of the


A gecko!! How fun!

Last night, we experienced the harsh winter that Durban has to offer.  This morning, however, was a beautiful, clear, sunny day.  We ate breakfast on the verandha (Jess beat us out usual....that's what this blog is costing me as far as late bedtimes!); where one of the other guests explained she saw monkeys earlier that morning sitting at breakfast.  I should explain something.  We found the Elephant Guest House in Frommer's guide, and one of the major selling points was the claim that monkeys regularly come visit the garden.  We had to check it out....except then we missed them as we slept in.  Too bad.

We strolled around the garden after breakfast and Shaun found a much larger (distant) cousin to our wake-up friend:

Oh well...very fun, but still no monkey. :(

Howard and Marlene - the owners of this place - promised that we'd have a good chance of seeing monkeys when we return in a couple of days. We packed up to leave, and were sitting in the driveway waiting for Howard to open the gate when Marlene called for us to come with a camera.

In my excitement, I put the car in neutral and applied the brake as I jumped out the car door.  That's all well and good, except that I wasn't driving at the time.  Perhaps Jess could handle those things herself?  Anyway, got back up the stairs and looked where Marlene was pointing: monkeys in the trees bordering the property!!!!


  1. Hey Megs - Get ready for a BIG green monster. We're at the game reserve!! :)